RE: "Bulk load" get/set


> I find myself agreeing with Tom (in spite of his liking of 
> *Underworld* 
> :)), but then, I've been easily swayed on this topic. I wonder if the 
> folks who find "operation" too suggestive of objectness find 
> attributes 
> similarly misleading.

I have always disliked attributes since they do not fit into my "services
are entities which exchnage messages" view of the world. In fact I like
attributes farless than I like operation, since at least operation is just a
label for an exchange of messages, whereas attributes introduce something
which fundamentally does not fit here.


PS - Underworld is ok, I've sat through worse. Though I hear Savas liked it
too :-)

Received on Tuesday, 30 September 2003 11:13:07 UTC