Re: new issue: drop {direction} property from message reference components

"Roberto Chinnici" <Roberto.Chinnici@Sun.COM> writes:
> I don't think we should close this issue until we have addressed how
> the properties of the message reference component are filled in
> automatically (when omitted in the syntax) using information from
> the pattern.
> For instance, suppose I run into a pattern I don't know. Then, per your
> proposal, I'd build a component model containing some message reference
> components whose direction is unknown, thus losing some of the
> information present in the WSDL document.

I think we should get rid of it .. let me explain why. Right now
we say that the {direction} property is set based on the name of
the element (input or output). However, the message reference and
the pattern URI already have indicated a specific direction for
that message. 

Thus, even if the pattern URI is unknown, there direction is *not*
a property that comes from the WSDL - it only comes from the message
reference. So, in the case of an unknown pattern URI the component
model would have the message ref filled in, but one don't know which
direction the message is flowing until one understands the pattern URI
and the role that given message reference plays in the pattern. 

I believe we should remove it irrespective of what we do for
the short-cut syntax direction.


Received on Tuesday, 30 September 2003 00:29:34 UTC