RE: IBM/MSFT whitepaper on secure, reliable, transacted Web serv ices


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> transacted Web services
> I know that this is a dumb question, but could you explain 
> how the WS-* specs relate to SAML?  Is the SAML functionality 
> in WS-* somewhere, so that the specs are incompatible?  Or 
> does WS-* operate in a different space and interact with SAML somehow?

As best I understand it, WS-Security provides a framework for exchanging /
negotiating security-related information, and SAML would describe one
particular type of payload for WS-Security messages, i.e. those that make
assertions about identity, authentication, authorization, etc.  They are
definitely complementary, not competitive: WS-Security talks about SOAP
headers and provides a generic security processing model; SAML doesn't know
anything about SOAP but knows a lot more about the details of security

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