Re: message exchange patterns and # of parties


On today's teleconference I took an action to ping you to see if you are 
satisfied that the wording in the current patterns draft[1] is clear enough 
about permitting multicast.  From my earlier message[2]:

The patterns document[1] currently says:
Like interfaces and operations, WSDL message patterns do not exhaustively
describe the set of messages exchanged between a service and other nodes;
by some prior agreement, another node and/or the service may send other
messages (to each other or to other nodes) that are not described by the
pattern. For instance, even though a pattern may define a single message
sent from a service to one other node, the Web Service may broadcast that
message to other nodes.

That verbiage seems clear enough to me (i.e., it permits the case you
describe), but maybe that's just because I already know what I think it
should be saying.  Do you think we need to add more clarification to
it?  If so, what would you propose?


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Received on Thursday, 18 September 2003 12:35:36 UTC