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> > It could be as simple as re-naming "operation" to something 
> > like "messageExchange."
> Yeah, but a WSDL "operation" presumably DOES something.  It's not just
> a message for the sake of sending bits around.  How about
> "serviceInvocation" or "serviceRequest" or something along those
> lines? If a WSDL message does anything, it does request that a service
> be performed by the provider on behalf of the requester [the current
> WSA terminology, IIRC].  

Then current WSA terminology is wrong.  This proposed language excludes
pub/sub services and generally any output-first model.  That appears to
be the direction that WSA is moving; I'm perfectly happy to dig in my
heels and watch them disappear into the sunset.

messageExchange is appropriately generic; there is very little other
implied semantic.  messageExchangeInvolvingAService, perhaps.

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