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> I think a likely (?) direction is that each SOAP binding will indicate
> the (SOAP) MEP in use. This MEP will need to be compatible with the WSDL
> pattern for the interface. An alternative would be to set the value for
> the SOAP WebMethod property.
> I suspect 1. and 2. are actually meant for the HTTP binding, not the
> SOAP binding?

My understanding was that WSDL SOAP binding is a specific implementation of
an abstract SOAP HTTP binding as defined by SOAP Adjuncts (sorry if the
terminology is not right). Web Method Feature can tell whether SOAP HTTP
binding allows for SOAP Request-Response MEP or SOAP Response MEP
interaction style.
What I'm not sure about is that whether Web Method Feature can be applied in
a fine-grained fashion, on a per-operation basis or not. I thought it would
be applied to the whole binding instance. Another issue is that GET does not
allow for SOAP headers, so GET can't be used while SOAP Request-Response MEP
is active.
But if it were possible to use GET with headers [2] for idempotent
operations, then, may be, WSDL SOAP binding could provide for an abstract
SOAP HTTP binding + SOAP Request-Response MEP, with SOAP Response MET being
redundant, as  SOAP Request-Response MEP could use GET and POST
interchangeably. Probably, this sounds terribly wrong :-), but if it were
possible at least in theory, then  WSDL SOAP binding would look quite
similar to WSDL HTTP binding (at least with doc-lit style in place), and if
it were the case, then why don't merge the two ? Fantasy :-)
Just my 2c
Sergey Beryozlom

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Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2003 12:13:10 UTC