RE: Proposal: Uniqueness on the Wire Requirement for WSDL 2.0

+1, but I'd add that the client is only ok if the transport correlates messages for the client (as with HTTP). For asynchronous models some addressing/policy magic beyond the GED is definitely required. 


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+1 .. I have to say that WSDL deciding whether the message QName
is the service selector or the URL or something else is not right.

I remember asking about this when we implemented IBM SOAP, before
SOAP 1.1 was released. I too was looking for a specific thing to
be tagged as the "key" to routing messages (URL, SOAPAction or
first body element NS URI) - eventually it turns out that different
implementations can choose to route off different of these and
that's completely ok. What's necesssary is that clients be able
to form a proper envelope and send it to the right address. Whether
the server calls a magician to decide which service to invoke or
whether it requires unique element QNames so that it can route or
whether it uses a SOAP header that its clients are expected to put
on (and it presumably conveyed to the world via policy or however)
is up to that.


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> > While I agree with you, I'm certain that WS-I will define a constraint
> > that
> > wire signatures must be unique.
> The future may not resemble the past.

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