Re: parameter order

"Umit Yalcinalp" <> writes:
> I point out that you might have  missed the thread if indeed your desire 
> is to talk about parameterorder.

No, that's not my desire - I was just pointing out that the 
parameterOrder solution that you used in WSDL 1.1 (I'm assuming
you did do that to solve this problem in WSDL 1.1) seems like
a viable approach now too.

I missed last week's call, but the messages you pointed to are
not in the space of a parameterOrder attribute. I'd rather not
have it, but if we're going down that road I'd rather re-use
the old approach rather than creating something new which
doesn't even support multi-return type scenarios.


Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2003 15:16:59 UTC