asynch/one-way (was: Re: What does WSDL describe?)

"Champion, Mike" <> writes:
> RPC in one form or another.  We may wish to make WSDL more flexible to
> accommodate asynchronous and one-way MEPs, but it seems self defeating to
> make it difficult to do RPC in environments where it actually works.

Is there anything else we need to add for WSDL to be able to fully
describe async and one-way MEPs? I don't think so, but maybe
I am missing something.

I don't know why people (not you Mike) keep talking about RPC. 
WSDL 1.2's <operation> is by no means just a way to describe an 
RPC - it certainly can be used to group one input and one output 
message in a way that can be treated as an RPC but its a lot more
than that. I know Savas and others don't like the word "operation",
but the WG has decided to keep it that way. Sorry.


Received on Sunday, 26 October 2003 23:22:18 UTC