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Summary: 11-13 Nov 2002 WS Description FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:05:22 -0800
Message-ID: <330564469BFEC046B84E591EB3D4D59C085CDECD@red-msg-08.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
To: <www-ws-desc@w3.org>

    Primer: Expect first publication in January.
    ACTION: Part 1 editors to add to an appendix outlining the areas
            requiring transitional documentation.  Specific text TBD.
    Part 1,2: Edits till Dec 6th, vote to publish again Dec 19th.
    Revised schedule: best guess is Rec in Fall 2003.

    DECISION: we will not make top level names unique.
              issue-toplevel-name-uniqueness is closed.
    ACTION: David O will post a summary of URN and fragment identifiers
            with namespace issues to TAG.
    ACTION: Arthur will submit targetNamespace/simplifiedNun text
            to editors to be included in part 1 as non-normative 
            appendix, including a note regarding non backward 
            compatibility with wsdl 1.1.

  Output operations:
    Group appears evenly split on this issue, with depth of feeling on
    both sides.  Participants with the greatest stake in the issue will
    continue discussion offline looking for a resolution or compromise.


    DECISION: we will add <wsdl:include> in addition to <wsdl:import>.
    RESOLVED that AM equality is adequate as a definition of equality 
    (includes name equality).  We can add a note to the spec that two 
    portTypes (for example) with the same structure and different 
    names are not equivalent.

      RESOLVED to discard the top-level-operation approach (Gudge's 
      proposal) and instead use structural equivalence (based on the 
      AM).  If an operation inherits two operations that have the 
      same local name then their components models must be identical.

      ACTION: Paco will write two options for naming faults: schema vs

  Type system issues:
    Dropping Message:
      ACTION: Roberto will try and come up with another proposal for 
      eliminating message, the discussion goes to email or the next f2f.
      Issue closed - we will continue to allow other type systems.
    Rationale for dropping use attribute:
      ACTION: Marsh to contact the XMLP WG (and later the wider public) 
      speaking about the issues around removing the use attribute.
      Postponed; dependent upon message removal proposal.

  Substitution groups in the WSDL Schema
    ACTION: Gudge to ammend WSDL schema to use substitution groups for 
    extensibility rather than wild cards.
    RESOLVED: remove the attribute.
    Issue is closed until we agree to reopen the question of services 
    implementing a single portType.
    ACTION: Glen and Paco to chase the Global Grid Forum WRT services 
    implementing a single portType.


    RESOLVED: add soap:module.
    RESOLVED: retain soap:header.
    RESOLVED: add <wsdl:property uri='...algo' type='qName'?>value?</>
              (might be called propertyConstraint instead - editor's
    ACTION: Glen to write the 2 proposals for specifying binding
            and send them to the list (1 = add <*:property> to
            2 = move protocol binding stuff including properties to
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