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D-AC004 Status

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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:36:23 -0400
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Chris asked me to summarize the thread for the telecon. As I see it, 
here is what is still standing:

does not preclude any programming model

support (but not define) a broad range of programming models suitable 
for Web Services applications.

New CSF X: 
is comprised of loosely-coupled components and their 
(still some haggle over terminology here)

Note that the below reqs have been renumbered for better clustering!

components are defined in terms of unambiguous, well-defined interfaces.

components are described by their functional roles and responsibilities.

component interfaces define their inputs and outputs and also the form and 
constraints on those inputs and outputs.
(need original author's intent on the term 'form')

AR00X.4: (this still needs work)
component relationships are described in terms of messages and message 
transmission protocols. (original)
relationships between components must be well described
(suggested, I feel this is not enough)

messages are transmitted and consumed by the component interfaces that 
make up the architecture.
(note: critized as too apple mom and pie)

support XML based techniques for defining messages/protocols for invoking 
web resources. (was D-AR004.3 + s/use/support/)

support both early and late client binding to web services.

defines or identifies a base interface that all Web services can implement, 
that permits communication without a priori knowledge of the service. (was 
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