Semantic layering bug (not again!)

While doing the action concerning adding tests exhbiting the change agreed 
concerning owl:Ontology I noted that there is a further bug on semantic 

We agreed:

 RESOLVED: to close the layering issue (5.3) as described in Consensus on 
semantic layering, with the change that KB large-OWL-entails C if 
KB-fast-OWL-entails C (but not only if -- Large OWL is now known as Owl Full, 
Fast Owl is now known as OWL DL). 

Unfortunately the following test contradicts that (also visisble in new tests 
Ontology-002, and Ontology-003).




_:a rdf:type owl:Ontology .


I think this is an OWL Lite entailment but an OWL Full non-entailment.
Technically this follows from the decision we made to make such triples 
optional - I do not think making them compulsory would be the right fix.


Received on Monday, 22 September 2003 07:42:35 UTC