Re: OWL Test Results page, built from RDF

At 11:13 PM +0200 9/5/03, Jos De_Roo wrote:
>Sandro - you really have done a nice job wrt
>We now have other results: 216 Pass, 5 Fail, 47 Incomplete.
>The "Incomplete" are now after a timeout of 8000000 steps
>(which is an arbitrary internal measure).
>Have a nice weekend!
>Jos De Roo, AGFA

nitpicking a bit - a couple of the description logic tests have long 
texts associated with them that just seem to be a list of numbers - 
and they sort of ruin the table -- I haven't had a chance to check 
the RDF directly, but suspect something crept in that shouldn't have 
-- someone who knows what is going on wanna take a look?

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