RE: OWL Test Results page, built from RDF

> nitpicking a bit - a couple of the description logic tests have long
> texts associated with them that just seem to be a list of numbers -
> and they sort of ruin the table -- I haven't had a chance to check
> the RDF directly, but suspect something crept in that shouldn't have
> -- someone who knows what is going on wanna take a look?
>   -JH

These are tests that were transformed from a different format (the long list
of numbers).

I have run those tests using a conventional 3-SAT processor with
instantaneous response using those long descriptions.

The test descriptions are in the manifests.

We could do the following:

1) Sandro could have a special dirty hack for them


2) we change the test description to have a

<span class="longdescription">


around the excess text, and Sandro add a style sheet directive to surpress
the longdescription.

(That's a somewhat cleaner hack).

(Later - I note that Jos has trimmed the description - I guess that will


Received on Tuesday, 9 September 2003 12:18:20 UTC