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On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 10:16, wrote:
> >Not that it really matters much to life as we know it; but I hope
> >that we'll eventually keep formal meeting records and that the
> >machine will be more helpful in preparing agendas and keeping
> >track of actions. See
> >
> Another area where a simple tool could help is with holding and
> recording roll call votes.  There are fairly simple constraints on 
> this and much of the related static data is already recorded
> in wg webpage.

Yes! This is exactly the sort of thing I hope for...

>   With the attendance list that Zakim has, it should
> be possible to tell if a meeting is quorate.

Unfortunately, Zakim doesn't currently know enough about who's
present to correlate it with WG membership records.

>   Then tell the vote taker
> which member rep. should be polled for each member or in some cases 
> provide the list of reps who are candidate voters for that member 
> organization.  This is a comparatively weak use of logic based tools
> in a standards meeting context, but it would be nice to have and a 
> good small demonstration of the SW.

Yes, it would. Fortunately, we don't actually need to do roll
call votes very often. Consequently, development of such
a tool hasn't gotten much priority yet.

While we rarely take roll call votes, we take attendance
every week, and I really, really want to be able to do:

 DanC> Zakim, all present?
 Zakim> expecting: Hendler, Wallace
 DanC> Zakim, Wallace sent regrets
 Zakim> +Hendler
 Zakim> all present or otherwise accounted for.
 DanC> Zakim, roll?
 Zakim> 41 group members representing 23 member orgs.
	present: Connolly, W3C; Hendler, chair; Smith, EDS, ...
	regrets: ...
	excused: ...

Dan Connolly, W3C

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