Re: Test Results Organisation

> Also the twice passed proposed should exclude tests that are being failed 
> by anyone

I don't agree.  Two interoperable implementations is considered good
evidence of the spec being decent, regardless of how many broken
implementations there are.  I also don't want us to be motivated to
exclude people's results just because they fail some tests -- that
should look bad for them, not us.

> - and a further section on other proposed tests may be interesting.

Speaking of interoperability, I wonder if anyone else has tried
running RDF queries over this data?  I'd think it would be pretty easy
for someone comfortable with some RDF toolkit.  Is there anything
I could do, at my end, to make it easier?   (Like, I could provide one
RDF file with all the results combined, or something.)

      -- sandro

Received on Wednesday, 8 October 2003 00:17:29 UTC