Re: Test Results Organisation

Also the twice passed proposed should exclude tests that are being failed 
by anyone - and a further section on other proposed tests may be interesting.


Sean Bechhofer wrote:

> A while ago I raised the possibility of splitting the display of test
> results to take into account the different species levels as well as the
> approved/proposed status [1]. This would have the benefit of making it
> easier to identify whether implementations targeting a particular
> language species were on track (and determining whether, for example, an
> implementation provides a substantial subset of DL [cf. exit criterion
> 4]).
> I would have thought this would be relatively easy to do as the
> information is all there in the manifests. Can I propose that we
> make this change?
> 	Sean
> [1]

Received on Tuesday, 7 October 2003 09:00:55 UTC