Re: Test Results Organisation

> A while ago 

(sorry I missed it)

> I raised the possibility of splitting the display of test
> results to take into account the different species levels as well as the
> approved/proposed status [1]. This would have the benefit of making it
> easier to identify whether implementations targeting a particular
> language species were on track (and determining whether, for example, an
> implementation provides a substantial subset of DL [cf. exit criterion
> 4]).

Are you thinking just separating Full and Not-Full, or all the
categories Lite, DL, Full, Lite+Full, and DL+Full?   I just moved the
level information before the test name and also made it earlier in the
sort key; perhaps that shows the information you want without giving
us too many tiny tables?

    -- sandro

Received on Wednesday, 8 October 2003 00:06:24 UTC