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Our decision on 13 November to request advancement to PR [1] was based
in part on my suggestion that we could keep making changes to the test
suite during PR and even after Rec.  This suggestion was probably
misleading, and I apologize.  During PR, we should only make changes
based on new information.  After Rec, any changes are handled as
normative errata [2], requiring review by the members and a director's
decision recognizing consensus.  What other groups have done (and this
is what confused me) is make a *non-normative* test suite, not part of
their recommendation, which they maintain outside the W3C Rec track
review process.  We are free to do that, of course.

In light of this, DanC, Guus, and I met (we were unable to reach
JimH) and hereby ask for a decision via e-mail to approve the output
of the 20 November meeting [3], recognizing that these will be the
last changes to the normative test suite except for possible changes
due to new information during PR and normative errata.

Specifically, proposed are:
  From: Jeremy Carroll <>
  Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:54:51 +0000
  Subject: proposal to change some datatype tests from APPROVED to
  From: Sean Bechhofer <>
  Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 11:08:50 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
  Subject: Proposal to approve tests

As part of this, I also propose the Working Group delegate the
question of whether the PROPOSED tests stay in the document to Jeremy
and Jos.  (Dan and I lean towards them being removed.)

PLEASE RESPOND TO THE LIST SAYING YES, NO (and state the nature of
your objection), OR ABSTAIN by the end of Monday, 1 December.  If
there is not consensus here, we can work on it at the 4 December
telecon, but we'll have to postpone the transition meeting
(tentatively scheduled for 8 December) and subsequent publication (9
December), because the meeting needs a 7-day lead time.

Monday, 1 December, is also the deadline for all editors to put their
pencils down and be done with their drafts.  (Jeremy can assume the
consensus position will hold; if not, there will be a new, later
deadline.)  Please leave the working group membership list, the Status
of this Document section, and the RDF PR references marked with "@@"
and I'll paste in the final versions.  I'll be looking at the
following URLs, and I'd like confirmation from the associated people.

Overview - Deborah?  (Guus had an action item to coordinate this)

Guide - Mike Smith

Reference - Guus

S&AS - Ian

Test - Jeremy

UC&R - Jeff

For the curious, the current draft of the Request for PR, from Jim
with some edits from me, is at [3].

Thanks for everyone's help -- sorry again for the confusion about test
maintenence from last meeting.

     -- sandro


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