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MINUTES (draft) 2003-11-13

From: Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 00:05:28 -0500
Message-Id: <200311140505.hAE55Srv011023@roke.hawke.org>
To: www-webont-wg@w3.org

IRC Log: http://www.w3.org/2003/11/13-webont-irc
Agenda:  http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-webont-wg/2003Nov/0034.

** Calendar

  20 Nov -- Informal meeting to discuss proposed tests.   
	    chair: Ian    agenda from: Jeremy

   4 Dec -- Normal meeting
            chair: Guus   scribe: JimH

   9 Dec -- Target publication date for PR documents

** Attendance

    Mike_Smith (left start+60),
    JosD (arrived start+34),
    Marwan_Sabbouh (left start+79)
    Sean (left start+71)

** Previous Meeting Minutes

as amended in


** Continued Action Items:

ACTION DanC: turn Ian's reviews into test cases
ACTION jimH: ask mindswap for review of Sean's doc
ACTION guus: ask peter for review of Sean * B. document.
ACTION jjc: review sean's document
ACTION Guus: see whether ontoweb can provide some support for OWL outreach
ACTION ChrisW: to write up draft of working group position on OMG
        ontology metamodel definition in general and on OKBC in particular
ACTION Guus: to comment on naturalness of mapping from OWL to UML
ACTION Jeremy: fix editorial problems with additional query-style tests
ACTION Guus: to send reply to Brickley's owl:Class/rdfs:Class comment
ACTION Jeremy: to add a new test that highlights one of the issues in
ACTION Jeremy C: will update test doc accordingly.
ACTION Jeremy C: to send email re precise change to S&AS.
ACTION Jeremy C: Change Annotation-Proprety-003.
ACTION Guus - Initiate discussion of what we expect of an ontology
       library/directory at a W3C site.
       (to be on agenda for Dec 4)

(all others completed, except two (Jeremy and Sandro to report on Full
Subset utility) withdrawn.)

** Conveying outcome of Issue 5.26

ACTION Mike_Smith: add text to Guide conveying result of issue 5.26

JimH: He'll inform group; people can comment/object if necessary, but
      we'll assume his change is okay if no comment


ACTION Sandro: deal with syntactic tests showing up as proposed

Jeremy: AnnotationProperty-003 recently updated -- not sure if test
        results are current. We should delay approving that. 

Sandro: How will we know when people are reporting tests against the
	new version instead of the old one?  Maybe 003 should be
	obsoleted and a new name used?

ACTION Jeremy: look at AnnotationProperty-003 and deal with it.

RESOLVED approve someValuesFrom-003 AnnotationProperty-002 I5.3-010 I5.8-016
	 as per

ACTION Jeremy: change to APPROVED: someValuesFrom-003
       AnnotationProperty-002 I5.3-010 I5.8-016 

Discussion of DL-209.  Agreement (no resolution needed) to leave is
proposed until more people get a chance to try it.

Discussion of DL-502.   It's the same problem as DL-504 which is being
passed, but this seems to be a harder encoding.   RESOLVED to change it
to extra credit.

ACTION Jeremy: change to EXTRACREDIT: DL-502

Discussion of Misc-011.  New test coming from Guide tests.  New enough
that many haven't tried running it yet.  Note that it's not in the
editor's draft yet.  Jeremy already has an action to look at it.

Discussion of all the remaining proposed tests, which we had talked
about dealing with before going to PR.  Agreement that it's okay to
approve tests during PR and even after Rec, so its okay to leave these
as is.   Meeting scheduled for next week to look at them some more.

Several comments that it would be nice to get results from RACER.

ACTION Jeremy: draw up agenda of tests to discuss next week

Likely attendees, at least: Jeremy, Ian, Sean, Charles.

** Herman's E-mail about S&AS

Herman: We should pick one of the two descriptions of DL reasoning
        and make it normative.  Let's make 5.4 informative.

Ian: the DL MT was supposed to be definitive, and then equivalence
     with Full came later. I don't think the correspondence theory was
     every supposed to be Normative. 

Jim: I haven't see a single comment suggesting there is any conflict.
     If we discover they are broken, we have errata.   Process-wise,
     doing some changes when no one has complained is.... odd. 

Guus: I concur with Jim.  "In case of conflict, section 3
      prevails". That would be an okay editorial change. 

JimH: I wouldn't object, but that seems unnecessary.

Jeremy: I think we already have this. Test defers to different bits of
        S&AS for different kinds of conformance, so 5.4 doesn't come
        in. I also wouldn't oppose the "In case of conflict text"; can
        live with it.

Guus: let's leave adding that sentence, as discussed, to S&AS editor.

Ian: I'm okay with adding the sentence. "If any conflict should ever
     arise between these two forms, the model theory takes precedence" 

(meeting extended by 15 minutes; no objection)


Proposed: The Web Ontology Working Group agrees to request that the
          Director approve Proposed Recommendation status for the six
          documents as edited since Candidate Recommendation.

Roll call vote:

17 "Yes" votes (including proxies)

    Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC)
    Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
    Jeff Hefflin (invited expert)
    Lynn Stein (invited expert)
    MIT/W3C Team
    Maryland Information and Network Dynamics (MIND) Lab @ UMD
    Mike Dean (invited expert)
    Network Inference
1 "Abstain"

0 "No"

RESOLVED, 17-1-0.

ACTION JimH: arrange directors meeting
ACTION Guus: approach editor of Overview
ACTION Guus: approach editor of Guide
ACTION Guus: Make changes to reference
ACTION Ian: Make changes to S&AS (includes changes from Herman from
       RDF Semantics review) 
ACTION JJC: make Test ready for PR.
ACTION Jeff: get Requirements ready
ACTION Sandro: get ready -- tell editors what's expected of them.
ACTION Sandro: provide some SOTD text
ACTION Sandro: get editors std list of RDF + OWL documents names and
       Dec-09 URLs.
ACTION Sandro: send out WG members list, (confirm with Chairs first).
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