Re: Another E-Mail VOTE (again with Monday deadline)

MINDLab votes YES
>I PROPOSE that we approve, obsolete or approve as extracredit all remaining
>proposed tests as detailed below; reclassify all APPROVED OWL Full
>nonentailments and consistency tests as EXTRACREDIT (as detailed [2], [3]
>yesterday); obsolete Thing-002 and modify oneof-004 as noted below.
>As before this is an e-mail vote, with deadline on Monday, (I suggest midday
>US West Coast, i.e. 8pm Greenwich, 9 pm in Paris, 3 pm Boston, as the
>deadline - it gives me long enough to upload the changes before bedtime and
>should give as many US members a chance to consider this as possible - could
>a chair please ratify the deadline)
>Please reply YES, ABSTAIN, or NO
>(I guess NO's could be qualified by specific test approvals you vote
>against, if you are generally in favour of the package)

and I appreciate your taking the initiative on this Jeremy, good use 
of editorial discretion

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