Re: WebOnt PR Decision [IMPORTANT - Monday Deadline!]


> Our decision on 13 November to request advancement to PR [1] was based
> in part on my suggestion that we could keep making changes to the test
> suite during PR and even after Rec.  This suggestion was probably
> misleading, and I apologize.  During PR, we should only make changes
> based on new information.  After Rec, any changes are handled as
> normative errata [2], requiring review by the members and a director's
> decision recognizing consensus.  What other groups have done (and this
> is what confused me) is make a *non-normative* test suite, not part of
> their recommendation, which they maintain outside the W3C Rec track
> review process.  We are free to do that, of course.
> In light of this, DanC, Guus, and I met (we were unable to reach
> JimH) and hereby ask for a decision via e-mail to approve the output
> of the 20 November meeting [3], recognizing that these will be the
> last changes to the normative test suite except for possible changes
> due to new information during PR and normative errata.

Received on Thursday, 27 November 2003 17:31:30 UTC