Test Appendix A: "historical" (was Test Maintenance)

On this subject, BTW, a little editorial work on Appendix A might be
nice.  (In particular, A.3. seems to say that subtantive changes are a
kind of editorial change, which seems wrong to me.)   But I don't
think it's critical.

I have made the following change in response to this comment:

The start of the section now reads

Test Creation, Approval and Modification (Historical, Informative)
This appendix describes the process that was used during the development of 
this test suite.


The word "Historical" and the paragraph explaining it are new.

(The rest of the appendix uses the present tense - which is incorrect really - 
I guess I could change it)

BTW I will update the editors draft very soon (next few hours, the current 
editors draft has the old text)


Received on Thursday, 27 November 2003 04:03:40 UTC