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From the public-comments, review of Sean's document - JH

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>My name is Michael Grove, and I implemented the species vaildator 
>for MINDSWAP's Pellet project.  I wanted to send in my thoughts on 
>Sean's Parsing OWL document.
>All in all, I felt the document was very complete.  I have read the 
>document at several points in it's evolution, and the latest is a 
>very good summary of most if not all the points of discussion 
>surrounding the implementation of a species validator.  This latest 
>version gets into many of the nitty gritty details, and does good 
>job of explaining them.  The section on structure sharing is well 
>written for something as confusing as that particular issue.  The 
>explanation is complete and it's step by step layout is easy to 
>I feel that most people would be able to use his write-up as a 
>guideline for creating their own OWL ontology species vaildator.  I 
>know that I personally found the earlier versions quite helpful, and 
>the current version is as good as it gets.  I give it five stars, 
>two thumbs up, whatever your favorite cliche is.
>Thanks for your time.
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