some tests updated

I have updated the following tests:


as agreed at the telecon.

My edit of the first two was moderately drastic I completed deleted the 
premises in each case, and replace them by importing the files 

which are the versions of the Guide exmaple ontology in the test suite.
I made corresponding changes to the namespace prefixes used in the 

This follows the editorial policy that the test suite is self contained and 
does not depend on material outside the test area (or even use URIs that 
point outside the test area, except example ones).

It would be helpful if implementors could rapidly say if I have made a 
mistake, and moderately rapidly report that they pass these tests, and also 

I suspect I still need to add some namespace declarations, not for technical 
reasons, but simply to guide the formatting of the N3 in the document. (I 
copy namespace decl from the RDF/XML into the N3).

The Jena OWL Syntax Checker passes all these tests. (I've improved it).


Received on Monday, 17 November 2003 18:01:27 UTC