Re: RDF schema of OWL

> This incorporates a suggestion from Dave Beckett [1] to change 
> rdfs:seeAlso to rdfs:isDefinedBy. I remember some problems with the 
> latter option, but cannot recollect the details. Any thoughts?

I remember Peter being very against isDefinedBy when the social meaning 
question was still up in the air (I suppose it still is, but not quite as 
high up)

I am not sure whether the WG home page defines anything very much ... seeAlso 
seems less committed. Personally I guess I see the terms as defined by S&AS, 
and would feel more comfortable with the isDefinedBy if it pointed to that 
(not sure whether it should be the dated or undated version though).


Received on Monday, 17 November 2003 14:56:43 UTC