Re: some tests updated

> I have updated the following tests:
> miscellaneous-010
> miscellaneous-011
> AnnotationProperty-003
> as agreed at the telecon.
> My edit of the first two was moderately drastic I completed deleted the
> premises in each case, and replace them by importing the files
> miscellaneous/consistent001
> miscellaneous/consistent002

Elegant - for our implementation we still interpret the Manifest
and take the otest:importedPremiseDocument's as explicit premises
(which means that we *do* nothing with an owl:imports statement).

> which are the versions of the Guide exmaple ontology in the test suite.
> I made corresponding changes to the namespace prefixes used in the
> conclusions.
> This follows the editorial policy that the test suite is self contained
> does not depend on material outside the test area (or even use URIs that
> point outside the test area, except example ones).


> It would be helpful if implementors could rapidly say if I have made a
> mistake, and moderately rapidly report that they pass these tests, and

No mistake found and we can run both tests as a result:PassingRun.
(but I'm still wondering wether miscellaneous-010 is OK...)

> description-logic-209

We have that one as an result:UndecidedRun
(as for all otest:NegativeEntailmentTest's)

> I suspect I still need to add some namespace declarations, not for
> reasons, but simply to guide the formatting of the N3 in the document. (I

> copy namespace decl from the RDF/XML into the N3).


> The Jena OWL Syntax Checker passes all these tests. (I've improved it).

That is very good news Jeremy!

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Monday, 17 November 2003 20:02:33 UTC