Re: owl:sameAs confusion (Ref and Guide)

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Jeremy Carroll wrote:
 > The HP team report that we have had difficulty working on owl:sameAs
 > because different team members are working from different documents.
 > S&AS excludes owl:sameAs from OWL DL and OWL Lite.

This looks to me like a bug. The final resolution on Issue 4.6 

states clearly that sameAs is a synonym for sameIndividualAs and says 
nothing about it only being in Full. The minutes of the relevant telecon 
(Nov 11) contain a suggested methodological guideline that sameAs may 
typically be used in Full when the types of the subject/object are 
unknown, but that's something different.

 > Guide recommends not using owl:sameAs (ever), but states that it is
 > synonymous with owl:sameIndividualAs, and suggests that using
 > owl:sameAs between classes is in full.
 > Ref is more positive about owl:sameAs.
 > It would be helpful if the story were clearer, in particular Ref and
 > Guide should say that all uses of owl:sameAs are in Full

Not true, see above.

 > (personally, I would not mind simply dropping owl:sameAs).

The introduction of the synonym was part of a WG compromise (some 
preferred sameAs instead of sameIndividualAs). I see no reason to 
revisit this decision.

I propose the S&AS, Guide and Ref editors take actions to ensure their 
documents are consistent with the current resolution.


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