presentation syntax publication details: abstract, namespace name

Masahiro, Jerome, Peter,

In getting Director's approval for this 1st WD
Tim, among others, got confused by the abstract:

"... This document has been written to meet the requirement
that OWL 1.0 should have an XML serialization syntax ..."

OWL already has an XML serialization: RDF/XML.

The 1st sentence of the introduction seems like it would
work better:

  This document specifies XML presentation syntax for OWL,
  which is defined as a dialect similar to OWL Abstract
  Syntax [OWL Semantics].

Also, this namespace name is probably more trouble
than it's worth:

Something like this would be much easier:

"In the case of a document using a policy selected from the template
above, the allocation of a namespace of the form /YYYY/MM/ssss where
ssss is a short string not causing confusion alarm or embarrassment
should be an administrative matter. Any other sort of allocation
requires review by the Director or in future the W3C management and/or
Technical Advisory Group."

Also, any suggestions on what I should serve in response
to GET requests at the namespace name? A little HTML
blurb that points to this note? An XML Schema? Something else?

Sorry this is taking so long.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 28 May 2003 12:43:00 UTC