Re: WOWG: agenda May 22 telecon

From: Guus Schreiber <>
Subject: WOWG: agenda May 22 telecon
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 16:57:36 +0200


> ACTION: Peter Patel-Schneider and Jeremy Carroll to discuss solutions to
> 	bugs in RDF Semantics in Budapest

	We are waiting for a time when it is both reasonable to consume
	beer and the beer available is not free, so as to make Jim's
	generous offer have some meaning.


> ACTION: Peter Patel-Schneider to design test that shows effects of recent
> 	proposed changes to RDF datatyping and sent to Jeremy Carroll



> 3.3 RDFCore: owl:class not needed?
>     #owlref-rdfcore-owl-class-denotation
>       It has been suggested to
>       RDFCore that owl:Class is not needed.  RDFCore requests the
>       creation of test cases to clearly illustrate the differences
>       between owl:Class and rdfs:Class.

The RDFS-compatible semantics for OWL DL heavily depends on owl:Class (more
precisely, on IOC, the class extension of owl:Class).  If the distinction
between owl:Class and rdfs:Class was removed the semantics would be quite

Test cases are rather hard to come by, as OWL DL is designed so as to
prevent one from interacting with classes that are not OWL classes.


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