Re: raised in comment: owl:class still needed? Does this effect Test LC?

At 10:58 PM +0300 5/14/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>I believe that as we enter the last call comment review period on the other
>docs it is inevitable that we will have open issues.
>It is unfortunate that test was behind the other docs, but it was; and given
>that, the test editors can only make best efforts at hitting a moving target
>until our issue list stabalizes again before CR or PR.
>I believe that it would perhaps be advantageous to take the Test LC vote first
>tomorrow - and just accept that some of the LC comments we've already had may
>impact the next version of Test, just like they may impact the next version
>of the other docs.
>If there is a test case (for owl:Class rdfs:Class) proposed I can add it
>before a last call vote, or take an action to add it before lc publication,
>but if we are still in the thinking stage, I would be disappointed if that
>were to hold up a test LC.

I agree w/Jeremy, don't want to hold up LC.  What I do need to know 
is if we need to reopen the issue - could someone please answer

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