Re: raised in comment: owl:class still needed? Does this effect Test LC?

I believe that as we enter the last call comment review period on the other 
docs it is inevitable that we will have open issues.
It is unfortunate that test was behind the other docs, but it was; and given 
that, the test editors can only make best efforts at hitting a moving target 
until our issue list stabalizes again before CR or PR.

I believe that it would perhaps be advantageous to take the Test LC vote first 
tomorrow - and just accept that some of the LC comments we've already had may 
impact the next version of Test, just like they may impact the next version 
of the other docs. 

If there is a test case (for owl:Class rdfs:Class) proposed I can add it 
before a last call vote, or take an action to add it before lc publication, 
but if we are still in the thinking stage, I would be disappointed if that 
were to hold up a test LC.


Received on Wednesday, 14 May 2003 16:58:43 UTC