Re: TEST: last call candidate

I took an ACTION to review the LC candidate in Test for the text 
parts.  This message is my review:

First, I'd never really carefully read the test document before -- 
the editors have done a GREAT job.  I believe it is ready for release 
modulo some fixing of some typographic errors (which I will send 
Jeremy separately) and the comments Sandro already raised.  I do have 
two questions (these are not meant to be suggestions, but simply are 
checking that tagging matches editors intent)

1 - section 5 - Testing an OWL implementation is labeled Informative. 
I believe it would be consistent with WG decisions to be either 
informative or normative (at the editor's discretion)

2 - section 7.3 (which falls within the normative status of section 7)

The following additional namespace prefix is used in this section: 

is it appropriate/permissible for us to have normative tests that 
point to a namespace out of W3C control?  Copying the above file into 
our space, or (if it's the case) stating that tools don't have to 
dereference this ns would be solutions, or changing 7.3 to 
informative would all work.  If the WG is comfortable, and process 
allows, the ns ref out of W3C space, I am fine with it.

I also believe we should add a text concerning rdfs:class vs. 
owl:class, I will send that in a separate message as it will likely 
require a separate thread.

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Received on Wednesday, 14 May 2003 11:13:22 UTC