Re: More OWL test passers

Dan - I did my tests again as I realized that some tests
maybe hadn't had enough time to run (the step count was
limited to 200000, which is half a second or so) and
now with a limit in the range of halve a minute per test
we have 64 tests that pass (instead of the 51).

Jos De Roo, AGFA

PS combined with PELLET that would be well over 150 I guess

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incorporates this feedback...

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 11:40, Jim Hendler wrote:
> The PELLET OWL Lite Engine (Univ of Md) keeps a list of how it does at
> Cyrrently it passes 79 approved tests and 21 proposed tests.
> Pellet (which we hope will somday stand for "passes every little Lite
> Entailment Test") is an OWL reasoner implemented from scratch based on
> our spec and papers which have appeared in the DL and KR conferences.
> The OWLLisaKB system is a LISP-based OWL Lite  using a rule-based
> approach.  The results for this system are at
> it currently only passes 7 tests, but we expect a lot more during the
> CR period
>  -JH
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