WOWG: Move to CR/PR - heads up and press release?

Colleagues - a heads up for next weeks telecon -- we have onlu one 
unanswered comment,  only a few unacknowledged messages, and no open 
issues.  This leads us to believe it may be time to advance.  We thus 
expect to discuss this and we hope to reach a decision at the next 
  Assuming we decide to advance, we might also want to do a press 
release (often done with a CR) - now might be a good time to ask your 
AC members, marketing people, friends, strangers on the street, or 
anyone else if they are willing to endorse OWL and to let me know -- 
seriously, it would be nice if some of your companies were willing to 
consider endorsing the language you've all spent so long working on

  So come next week prepared to "vote" about advancing, and ask your 
organizations about going on record in support of OWL so we can 
decide whether to do this


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Received on Thursday, 17 July 2003 21:39:15 UTC