Re: WOWG: We need your results on the Tests


> I wonder if the manifest correlates tests to
> the feature groups in that table... or if
> it could be enhanced to without much work.

Well, it doesn't straight ahead, and we would
need additional tests in the 7.1 section
(and is not without much work...).

On the other hand, I think that silly looking
"module" tests would be very useful as well.
For example (and expressed in N3):

:p a owl:FunctionalProperty.
:s :p :i.
:s :p :j.
:m owl:sameAs :n.
:n owl:sameAs :o.
:H owl:oneOf (:s :m :t).
:x owl:intersectionOf (:a :b :c).
:y owl:intersectionOf (:b :c).
:J a :x.
:test34 owl:equivalentClass :test43.
:test43 owl:equivalentClass :test46.
:test3x a :test34.
:R2 owl:onProperty :p2.
:R2 owl:hasValue :y2.
:x2 a :R2.
:Car rdfs:subClassOf :Automobile.
:Automobile rdfs:subClassOf :Car.
:X a [ owl:oneOf (:a :b :c)].
:Y a [ owl:intersectionOf (:A :X :C :D)].
:Z a [ owl:unionOf (:M :N :O)].

OWL-Full entails

:j owl:sameAs :i.
:o owl:sameAs :m.
:p owl:sameAs :p.
:m a :H.
:x rdfs:subClassOf :y.
:J a :y.
:test3x a :test43.
:test3x a :test46.
:test43 owl:equivalentClass :test34.
:test34 owl:equivalentClass :test46.
:x2 :p2 :y2.
:Automobile owl:equivalentClass :Car.
:X a [ owl:oneOf (:d :c :b :a)].
:Y a [ owl:intersectionOf (:C :X :A)].
:Z a [ owl:unionOf (:P :O :N :M)].

They stress running code wrt decidability...

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2003 20:34:39 UTC