Re: WOWG: We need your results on the Tests

On July 11, Jim Hendler writes:


>   I currently have at least some results from:
> (alphabetical list):
> Euler (Jos)
> Vampire (Sean)

Both Sean and Dmitry are on holiday so there wont be any update here
in the near future - in any case I think that the results are already
pretty comprehensive. It would clearly be possible to use the TPTP
translation with other ATPs such as SPASS and E-Setheo, but I don't
have the resources to do that at present (everyone is on holiday).

> Cerebra (Charles)
> E-wallet (Fabien Gandon, CMU)
> OWLLET (Bijan Parsia, UMCP)
> PELLET (Ron Alford, UMCP)
> OWLLISA (Jordan Katz, UMCP)

You also have a bunch of results for FaCT (see, e.g., [1])

> and hope we'll get some from

I am talking to the Racer guys.

> cwm/otter


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