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WebOnt Telcon February 6th, 2003

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe: Raphael Volz

Chat Log @

1) ADMIN (10 min)

1.1 Role Call

Attendants: Jeremy, Pfps, JimH, JeffH, Guus, Evan_Wallace, Raphael, Jerome,
Ian_Horrocks, PatH, Mike_Dean,
Herman, Marwan_Sabbouh, LynnT, DebMcG, Ruediger, ChrisW, Jos, Yasser

- Jonathan Dale
- Leo Obrst
- Nick Gibbins
- Michael K. Smith
- Frank van Harmelen

Regrets: Smith, van Harmelen
See list archive for last-minute regrets

1.2 Approval of Minutes of last telecon

PROPOSED to accept the following as a true record of the Jan 30

1.3 Agenda Amendments

1.4 Telecon Schedule

Next telecon: February 13
Scribe:   Jeff Heflin
Chair:    Guus Scchriber

1.5 Admin actions

ACTION: Guus/Jim to pursue the still missing presentations from f2f5
to link in later

ACTION: Add agenda item for next time: Are we meeting at March

2. TECH PLENARY (5-10 min.)

We will hold editors meeting on tuesday
open to all WG members who wish to attend

for agenda of TechPlenary see

3. STATUS RDFCore LC REVIEWS (5-10 min.)

Volz: RDF Schema

Issue raised with section 4 (in particular) and other
parts of document - are semantics underconstrained?
Does this fact affect OWL/FULL?

ter Horst: RDF Semantics

Some minor editorial comments, see

4. ISSUES (40-50 min)

4.1 Concrete syntax of OWL Lite/DL

Concerns Typing of nodes and properties in the concrete syntax.
Carroll will post message to the list as input for discussion.

ACTION Jeremy: Propose Resolution for changing mapping rules to handle
"strong typing"

ACTION Jeremy: Send draft on document for concrete syntax to Peter by Monday

ACTION; Pat Various Properties clarify

ACTION: Pat to propose a resoultion prior to next weeks telecon

JimH makes lots of unveiled warnings that we have to move to LC as soon as

4.2 Annotation semantics

ACTION: Peter Patel-Schneider to study annotations bug and come up
with proposal.
DONE. See:

Responses from Carroll:

Discussion on how to move this forward.


ACTION: Jeremy propose resolution for annotation semantics

4.3 Imports and entailments (if time permits)

Carroll's message:

5. DOCUMENT STATUS (10-15 min.)

ACTION: Frank: write roadmap for Overview document.
Inclusion in other document at editors' discretion.

ACTION: Connolly re: security ONGOING

ACTION: Welty: review Overview by Jan30 (by end of day 1/30)

ACTION: Document editors add note that WG is in process of sameXAs to
equivalentX change.

ACTION: Release current version of Guide, Semantics, Test, & Requirements

RESOLVED: publish Reference as a WD

RESOLVED: to publish OVERVIEW as a WD

ACTION: Jim Hendler to request editors to clarify their documents re

ACTION: Jeremy/HP & Jim review Reference

PROPOSAL to release at some near point in the future the new version of
the Reference document as a non-LC Working Draft.
Rationale: current WD dates from July, many changes.

6. AOB (0-5 min)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Best regards,

Raphael Volz
Institut AIFB, Universität Karlsruhe

WIM, FZI Karlsruhe

Fax: 01212-5-470-17-365
Professor James Hendler
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