Re: Please update OWL Test results -- today if possible

At 16:52 +0000 12/12/03, Jack Berkowitz wrote:
>we only release results based on our publicly shipping version of 
>our software (3.0.3).  We actually have more results to share, but 
>due to needing to be sensitive to clients looking at that sheet, and 
>then saying "why the heck isn't it working in my release like it 
>says on the test results page?", we will be holding them off until 
>we ship our 3.1 version, which will be in Q1 2004.  For various 
>reasons, we can't share what we intend to pass at that time, but it 
>is a much larger proportion.  We however only release engines and 
>subsequent inference results until we have gone through extensive 
>scalability tests with the algorithms.
>My understanding is that the results page can be updated 
>continually.  Is it your intention to freeze the results as of 
>Monday or so, and then stop the updating on the page?  If there is 
>no objection, we'd just as soon continually update our RDF feed as 
>the state of the products emerge, and would encourage the others to 
>do the same.

Jack - it would be worth running your old version again as there've 
been some tests moved from proposed to accepted, but the results 
won't be reflected unless people run their systems again -- so it 
would only help you - as you'll show a higher percentage of accepted 
tests if you run again.

More importantly, we're hoping to move to PR real soon, and our 
request to advance has some numbers quoted -- problem is I need to 
rewrite this section, and some of the ssytems that were passing 100% 
of some section aren't any more -- we're still okay, but if people 
don't run their systems again we'll be underreporting our results
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