Partial? regrets May 1st

Weather dependent I am in the mountains tomorrow.
I might call in when we get back - maybe half way through the telecon.

Also on May 8th it is my son's birthday and I suspect party duties will call - 
at least for the beginning of the telecon.

I expect to be able to spend significant time next week on the test cases 
document, and modulo the unapproval of cardinality-005, have a last call 
candidate before May 8th.

Suggested agenda item for this week:

- unapproval cardinality-005, action jjc to convert to proposed non-entailment
- unapproval
(I still believe this is right, but Jos's code that verified it was buggy - it 
also may be better recast as an OWL DL test, in which case it should not 
present any difficulties to Fact and friends)
- approval of tests successfully exercised by Jos and/or Ian 


Received on Wednesday, 30 April 2003 10:46:20 UTC