Re: TEST: compound document

Jeremy, this is perfect!
Thanks as well for the global Manifest
I'm currently running

                           .log:semantics).log:conjunction =>

which is starting 176 engines
and skipping tests which have
  rdft:status "OBSOLETED"
  owlt:level owlt:Lite
  owlt:level owlt:DL
and running tests which are
and the result is 12 testcases not proved
(including the 4 miscellaneous tests)

-- ,
Jos De Roo, AGFA

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The editors draft is now a compound document.
I would value feedback as to the acceptability of the structure viz:

I used an XSLT transform to excise some of the bigger sections and replace
them with an extract from the table of contents.
The main document
hence has every section but some of them (i.e. 7 and C) are just content
into separate documents.


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