WOWG: agenda Oct 24 telecon (revised)

[incorporates Dan's suggestions]
[includes additional action/issue links]

October 24, 2002

1200 US East Coast
0900 US West Coast
1700 London

Duration: 75-90 minutes

To use Zakim:
Dial +1.617.761.6200
At the "enter your passcode followed by the pound key" message,
enter 9326#.
Note: When you join the telecon please state your name

Simultaneous IRC Chat (port 6665)

Chair: Schreiber
Scribe: <please volunteer>

1) ADMIN (15 min)

1.1 Roll call

Regrets: Hendler, van Harmelen, Hellman, Finin, Heflin, Borden
See list archive for last-minute regrets

1.2 Minutes previous telecon

Proposal to accept as a true record of the Oct 17 telcon:
including amendment sent by Wallace (regrets).

1.3 Agenda amendments

1.4 Fft record

Proposal to accept the follwing as a true record of the face-to-face
meeting in Bristol, Oct 7-8:

See also message about updates since last week:

ACTION Volz: send OWL Lite in Datalog to W3C for the meeting record
    (Clarification: the presentation materials not just the paper.)

1.5 Telecon schedule

- next telecon: Oct 31 per regular schedule
- scribe solicited for Oct 31
- note that DST end in US and Europe on Oct 27, so time difference
    with Japan increases by 1 hour.

1.6 Upcoming ftf meetings

- Manchester ftf will go though as provisionally planned, but is
    likely to be focused on test and implementations


ACTION: Jeremy send message showing how rdfs fits into liite/fast/large
# Layering on RDFS Jeremy Carroll (Fri, Oct 18 2002)

ACTION Ian Horrocks: send www-webont-wg a brief description of
    results of rules work on DAML.
# ACTION - rules work on DAML Ian Horrocks (Thu, Oct 17 2002)

ACTION: Frank will come up with some more use cases (ontology merging).
WITHDRAWN: concerns Issue 5.1, discussed 10Sep.
but issue 5.1 has since been closed.

3) ISSUES (25-35 min)

Issue list:

3.1 Issue 5.21 "Drop disjointUnionOf"

Issue description:

ACTION: Peter to generate test case to show disjointUnionOf can be
    rephrased w/existing constructs [and propose to close 5.21 by
    removing disjointUnionOf]

Proposal by Patel-Schneider to close this issue:
Response by Connoly (seconds proposal plus worked-out example):

3.2 Brief review of other open issues

- Issue 4.3 Structured datatypes

ACTION: DanC Write rationale for postponing 4.3.


Response by Borden:

- Issue 5.5 List syntax or semantics

ACTION Jeremy Carroll: will move issue 5.5 forward

# SEM: List's Jeremy Carroll (Fri, Oct 04 2002)

- Issue 5.7 Range restrictions should not be separate URIs

ACTION Chairs: see if Ziv wishes to push Issue 5.7 or Postpone

- Issue 5.13 Internet Media Type for OWL

ACTION Connolly: to move issue 5.13 forward


- Issue 5.14 - Ontology versioning

ACTION: Hayes - send e-mail opposing deprecation.

This seems to come from a 1Sep discussion
Still relevant?

- Issue 5.18 support for unique names assumption

ACTION Hendler: to move Issue 5.18 forward

See also
# ISSUE 5.18 Unique Names Assumption Support in OWL Jos De_Roo

and response by Peter Patel-Schneider:

- Issue I5.19 Classes-as-instances

ACTION Jeremy: to do test case for 5.19

# Issue 5.19 Classes-as-instances Jeremy Carroll (Fri, Oct 18 2002)

ACTION Chairs: will ask Raphael if we want to bring this (5.19
   Classes as Instances) forward

ACTION: Frank work with Guus to formulate proposal close
   classes-as-instances incl lite/fast/large
Postponed to next telecon (Frank on holiday)

- New issues:

ACTION DebM: raise hasValue issue.


- naming

ACTION Frank: collect suggestions for replacement name (for owl lite,
   large, and fast)

# new names for OWL lite/fast/large Frank van Harmelen (Fri, Oct 18 2002)

and following.

- Test document (Carroll, de Roo)

# TEST,EDITORS: WD title change Jeremy Carroll (Tue, Oct 22 2002)

ACTION: Dan Connolly will fix 403 errors arising from the document.

- Guide document (Smith et al.)

ACTION MikeSmith Add indication that classes as instances are part of Large
   OWL in Guide.
ACTION: Thompson - to complete review guide
ACTION: Obrst - to complete review guide.

- Feature syniosis (McGuinness, van Harmelen)

ACTION Deb M: publish synopsis

- OWL Reference (Dean)

ACTION: Jeremy liase with Mike about updating the OWL RDFS namespace doc

ACTION Mike Dean: update reference to remove constraint that
   inversefunctional is objectproperty.

ACTION: Mike to remove the sameXXX statements from owl reference

ACTION MikeD catch ref up with issues, publish reference.

- Abstract syntax (Patel-Schneider, Horrocks)

- Semantics document (Hayes, Patel-Schneider)

ACTION Peter Patel-Schneider/Pat Hayes: draft OWL semantics,
   including the "2 technical bits" [should also address issues 4.6,
   5.9, 5.22]

# work on OWL semantics Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wed, Oct 23 2002)

ACTION Pat Hayes: be sure upcoming semantics draft addresses 5.22

ACTION: 4.6 EquivalentTo - suggested that Peter and Pat look at it,
   issue to remain OPEN

ACTION JeremyC: produce test cases (for semantics)

ACTION Dan Connolly: test case (stateCode)

ACTION Jos DeRoo: test case (something about inverseFunctional
   properties and literals) (two test case actions pending release of
   test WD - test area  > temporarily frozen)

- Non-normative Appendices

    * XML presentation syntax (Patel-Schneider)

ACTION Peter Patel-Schneider: to move issue 5.17 XML presentation
   syntax forward


    * UML presentation syntax (Schreiber, Wallace)

5) AOB (0-5 min)

A. Th. Schreiber, SWI, University of Amsterdam

Received on Thursday, 24 October 2002 08:08:45 UTC