SEM: List's

Hi Pat,

the aspect of the semantics documents that I was least happy with was the 
treatment of rdf:List.

You seem to assume that the RDF Model Theory will do significantly more 
List semantics than I believe RDF Core either has agreed to, or will agree to.

My understanding was that RDF Core agreed to provide the List syntax, and 
the List vocabulary (rdf:List, rdf:first, rdf:next rdf:nil); but not to 
provide any (formal) semantics for these terms.

The rationale included:

- RDF does not include equality,
- RDF does not include contradiction,
- RDF closures of finite graphs are finite

All three of these appear to be violated by what you are implicitly 
proposing to include in the next RDF MT WD.


Clearly this is no big deal really - the same work can be done in WebOnt. 
My understanding is that list semantics do belong in WebOnt for the reasons 
identified above.


Received on Monday, 21 October 2002 01:28:27 UTC