ACTION Deb McGuiness: send OWL Lite issues presentation materials to W3C for the

Enclosed is the information I presented at the Bristol meeting concerning OWL 
Lite issues.



OWL Lite Issues:
Agenda issues:
- new comments:
black pearl/VerticalNet:
            owl liteimportant
            fullcardinality needed
            uniquenames necessary
            owl liteimportant
            fullcardinality useful/needed
            need unionsemantics for domain/range
            someValuesFromnot supported
            no way tosupport equivalent instances
            currentlyno transitive or symmetric
previous themes from comments:
       (see for more 
-        owl lite important
-        renaming of cardinality needed if using restrictedcardinality
-        hasValue needed
-        consider full cardinality
- Constructor choice:        driven by public comments means:-      
  ***  rename cardinality constructs:-                
              Local cardinality notions in OWL Lite:       
             hasExactlyOne  (min 1, max 1)        
             hasAtMostOne    (max 1)        
             hasAtLeastOne   (min 1)       
             hasNo            (max 0)     
(resolution - no change to current naming)

    *** hasValue inclusion   
       (McGuinness will raise this as an issue)
     ***possibly add explicit representation of NOTHING given that it is 
       (no resolution)

New suggestions from comments:
       ***Raphael’s motivation – datalog implementability.       
                    a)  no min 1                    
                     b)  no someValuesFrom        
                         note – constraint view could be implemented to 
support a,b above 

New topics:

       ***Connection to FastOwl-frank’s and dlm’s proposal 

       – use restrictions from FastOwl on OWL Lite  thus OWL Lite is a subset 
of FastOwl 

From previous agenda:
--5.2: language compliance levels        
       Public comments supporting OWL Lite:   Xerox Parc, ISI, Protégé,     
VerticalNet/Black Pearl, etc.
       resulting resolution to have OWL Lite

- related – new name for owl lite  (frank took an action item to propose 

-- 5.15: <A HREF="">features for local ranges</A>:  (resolved to stay as is)

--5.16 reopened – consider renaming cardinality

  (stay as is.  Welty to write justification.  McGuinness to point to 
justification in document)
--  5.xx  add hasValue   (McGuinness will raise issue)

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