ADMIN: Agenda/Logistics -- October 17th, 2002

October 17, 2002

1200 US East Coast
0900 US West Coast
1700 London

Duration: 90 minutes

To use Zakim:
Dial +1.617.761.6200
At the "enter your passcode followed by the pound key" message,
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Note: When you join the telecon please state your name

Simultaneous IRC Chat (port 6665)

Chair: Hendler
Scribe needed: Massimo regrets

1) Roll call/action review

Approve minutes of the September 26 telecon


ACTION: Jeff Heflin - produce a test case/use case for versioning
  feature and send it to the list. - DONE
ACTION: Pat Hayes - update embedded semantics document and provide an
  appendix to point out the position that the semantics takes on Issues. - DONE
ACTION: Authors of Working Drafts - summarize document changes to 
WOWG list. -DONE
ACTION: Carroll - update WG on networking for f2f - DONE
ACTION: Hendler - Prepare talking points for press release - DONE
ACTION: Schreiber - review guide - DONE
ACTION: Hendler produce test for issue 4.2 DONE (by DeRoo)
ACTION: Pat to create a sketch of an idea, for Issue 5.19 by next 
Tuesday. - DONE
ACTION JEFF: Update semantic layering (should be imports/versioning) 
directions doc in prep of FTF discussion - DONE

ACTION: Thompson - review guide
ACTION: Obrst - review guide.
ACTION: van Harmelen - send e-mail about foreign properties and issue 5.6
ACTION: Hayes - send e-mail opposing deprecation.
ACTION: Guus to update UML document to reflect new Owl Lite
ACTION: Mike Dean: will document how he's using RDF statement tags, and
how to solve this. Does his solution satisfy the requirements in the
requirements document?
ACTION: Frank will come up with some more use cases (ontology merging).

2) F2f 4 action review
  summary of resolutions reached at f2f4 and the actions engendered

Face to Face Minutes


RESOLVED: to close the layering issue (5.3) as described in Consensus 
on semantic layering, provided the 2 technical bits of work can be 

ACTION Peter Patel-Schneider/Pat Hayes: draft OWL semantics, 
including the "2 technical bits" [should also address issues 4.6, 
5.9, 5.22]
   (Status update - see PFPS mail of Oct 16, 2002 - not yet in archive)

ACTION JeremyC: produce test cases (for semantics)

ACTION Volz: send OWL Lite in Datalog to W3C for the meeting record

ACTION Ian Horrocks: send www-webont-wg a brief description of 
results of rules work on DAML.
ACTION Deb McGuiness: send OWL Lite issues presentation materials to 
W3C for the meeting record

RESOLVED: to close 5.2, endorsing existing an owl lite language 
subset and test class.

RESOLVED: to close 5.16 (again); to stay with minCardinality etc. as 
currently in WDs, with an editorial note suggesting presentation 
syntax names hasExactlyOne/hasAtMostOne/hasAtLeastOne/hasNone, and a 
link to rationale
by consensus; abstaining: Hendler, DeRoo, McGuiness, Schrieber, 
Stanton. Enrico concurs.

ACTION Chris Welty: write rationale re 5.16 (sent 10Oct)  - DONE

RESOLVED: to close 5.15 as per the current WD, including 
someValuesFrom, allValuesFrom by consensus. ABSTAINING: Volz, MikeS, 
Frank, Nick, Chris, Jeremy

ACTION DebM: raise hasValue issue.

ACTION Frank: collect suggestions for replacement name (for owl lite, 
large, and fast)

RESOLVED: to close 5.1 per Consensus on semantic layering, noting 
stateCode test works in large owl.

ACTION Mike Dean: update reference to remove constraint that 
inversefunctional is objectproperty.

ACTION Dan Connolly: test case

ACTION Jos DeRoo: test case

ACTION Pat Hayes: be sure upcoming semantics draft addresses 5.22

ACTION Brian McBride: provide slides, summary for the record. (DONE 8 Oct)

Chairs noted that all issues marked RAISED are now OPEN.

RESOLVED: close 2.5 closed sets by using rdf:parseType="Collection"

RESOLVED: close issue 2.6 ordered property values by noting the 
availability of rdf:List

RESOLVED: to POSTPONE 4.3 structured datatypes.
by consensus; abstaining: Mike Dean, Mike Smith, Evan Wallace, Stephen Buswell

ACTION: 4.6 EquivalentTo - suggested that Peter and Pat look at it, 
issue to remain OPEN

RESOLVED: to close 5.4 Owl:quote by POSTPONING. by consensus

ACTION Jeremy Carroll: will move issue (5.5 List syntax or semantics) forward

ACTION Chairs: see if Ziv wishes to push this issue (5.7 Range 
restrictions should not be separate URIs) or Postpone

RESOLVED to close 5.10 DAML Semantics are too weak per Consensus on 
semantic layering

RESOLVED: to postpone 5.12 entailing inconsistencies

ACTION Connolly: to move issue 5.13 Internet Media Type for OWL forward

ACTION Peter Patel-Schneider: to move issue 5.17 XML presentation 
syntax forward

ACTION Hendler: to move this one [5.18 support for unique names 
assumption] forward

ACTION Chairs: will ask Raphael if we want to bring this (5.19 
Classes as Instances) forward

ACTION Frank: to address issue of class as instance (5.19) in OWL Lite

ACTION Jeremy: to do test case for 5.19

RESOLVED: to close 5.20 Owl synonyms by removing all the sameXXX 
statements. (see also: earlier discussion of 5.20)

ACTION: Mike to remove the sameXXX statements from owl reference

ACTION: Peter to generate test case to show disjointUnionOf can be 
rephrased w/existing constructs [and propose to close 5.21 by 
removing disjointUnionOf]

RESOLVED: to close 5.22 OWL:Class still needed per Consensus on 
semantic layering; yes, it's needed.
by consensus; Carroll abstaining.

RESOLVED: to publish the guide, subject to editorial discretion and 
review by Welty; Jeremy to review the RDF/XML fiddly bits.

RESOLVED: To publish the test document with outstanding actions performed.
Expected date for publication is end of next week.
by consensus; Hayes concurring.

ACTION: Jeremy Carroll to add an editorial comment to the document on
         errata process.
ACTION: Jeremy Carroll to add editorial comments like:
         OWL Lite tests may be flagged.
         Imports tests may be flagged.
         Conformance is not yet addressed.
ACTION: Dan Connolly will fix 403 errors arising from the document.

RESOLVED: to publish, in 2nd half of Oct, the feature synopsis and reference.

ACTION MikeD catch ref up with issues, publish reference.

ACTION Deb M: publish synopsis

(all please note: DanC: note that in order to do a ftf in January, 
I'll have probably have to propose to the Advisory to Continue; be 
prepared to get in touch with your AC rep to endorse continuing this 

3) Status of Semantic Layering
  f2f4 produced an approach to layering (see Frank van Harmelen's 
notes in the minutes of the f2f)
  Quick review of proposed solution
  status report on efforts in this direction

4) Document review
  Test document approved for release at f2f - what is status (Carroll)
  Guide document discussed - status update (Smith)
  Feature and Reference WD rerelease - status updates (van Harmelen; Dean)
  Non-normative Appendices
    status of XML presentation syntax (Patel-Schneider)
    status of UML presentation syntax (Schreiber)

5) A O B
  scribe for next time

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