WOWG: Resolution re: RDF/XML (was Re: Fwd: Re: LANG: owl:import - Two Proposals)

For a while now, people have been sending me messages saying "we 
didn't resolve to use RDF/XML" which didn't seem to make sense to me 
since we recorded an official recommendation.  I now see the problem 
- the minutes of the f2f contain an informal note of what we voted on:

>Maybe I'm quibbling now, but from the minutes of the F2F2 [1], the
>decision was:
>     1.that there is a presentation syntax and an underlying syntax and a
>     2.some form of presentation syntax is requirement
>     3.RDF is underlying syntax

This must be where some people's confusion is coming from -- although 
the minutes recorded it that way at the time, the official record of 
the f2f contains the actual resolution, wording and vote record:

"RESOLUTION: The exchange language for OWL is RDF/XML
   ==> 16 in favour"

that document, approved by the WG, was the record of the official 
consensus votes (and recording dissent on some other issues)
  This is our official record and is what was reported forward to 
coordination group etc.

  Hope that clears some things up
  Jim H.

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