Re: WOWG: Resolution re: RDF/XML (was Re: Fwd: Re: LANG: owl:import - Two Proposals)

OK, still seems to be some confusion on some people's part as to what 
we resolved where -- what Jeff cited is the log of a telecon which 
informally reported back to the WG what had been resolved at the f2f. 
The f2f log [2] is where these were noted (and put into the record), 
and they were scribed from there into the "official" document which 
is the f2f2 meeting page [1].

here is the official record of the resolutions as recorded at [1] 
from the transcription of [2] -- both of these documents were 
approved by the group.
by the way, as Dan pointed out in his message the other day - these 
are official recorded votes, but the chair erred (I admit it) and 
didn't record the dissents.  Those who were opposed are welcome to 
insist on their rights to record dissents (if they still wish to), 
but they will need to let us know who they are.

Currently the chairs do not see any reason to reopen these resolutions
  -Jim H (with concurrance of Guus)

>RESOLUTION: The meaning of an OWL document is conveyed in the RDF graph
>==> ALL in favour, NO opposed

ALL = 17 members who attended f2f 2.

>RESOLUTION: All RDF/XML documents that are equivalent under the RDF 
>Recommendation are equivalent OWL exchange documents
>==> 14 in favor -- 3 opposed
>RESOLUTION: The exchange language for OWL is RDF/XML
>==> 16 in favour

note - we had 17 voting and 16 in favor, which implies one of the 
above was an abstention

>RESOLUTION: We intend to produce non-normative presentation syntaxes 
>and their mapping to the exchange syntax
>==> 16 in favour -- 1 opposed
>RESOLUTION: The preference of the WG is to produce at least one XML 
>and one frame presentation syntax
>==> 11 in favour -- 2 opposed

this implies we had 4 abstentions.


[1] (bottom of the web 
page) as recorded in the irc log of that meeting [2]

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