Re: TEST: N3->otter as a test implementation [was: OWL semantics]


> In order to connect N3 with some of the more mature
> work on automated reasoning, Sando Hawke wrote some
> code to convert N3 to the syntax used by otter.
> It's kinda bailing-wire-and-toothpicks right now
> (Sandro's rewriting it to eliminate dependencies
> on prolog etc...), but it works much like Euler: you give
> it a bunch of premise documents and a conclusion...
> python --goal ../../../2002/03owlt/sameGuyC.n3
> util/subst.n3 util/funcProp.n3 ../../../2002/03owlt/sameGuyP.n3
> (most of those files are available, relative to

that is really interesting! I tried it but
(and my Python understanding is very weak)
got a

$ python --goal ../../../2002/03owlt/sameGuyC.n3
util/subst.n3 util/funcProp.n3 ../
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 6, in ?
    import LX.old.rdf
  File "2000/10/swap/LX/", line 20, in ?
  File "2000/10/swap/LX/", line 13, in ?
  File "2000/10/swap/LX/", line 74, in Formula
NameError: name 'property' is not defined

maybe it's not the place here, but I really want to run this...

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Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Thursday, 3 October 2002 17:58:23 UTC