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WOWG: agenda Nov 7 telecon

From: Guus Schreiber <schreiber@swi.psy.uva.nl>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 17:07:51 +0100
Message-ID: <3DC93E57.7060009@swi.psy.uva.nl>
To: WebOnt WG <www-webont-wg@w3.org>

[Adopted Dan's sugggestion to make our open issue list our agenda, but 
with this week first an elaborate time slot on the semantics document]

November 7, 2002

1200 US East Coast
0900 US West Coast
1700 London

Duration: 75-90 minutes

To use Zakim:
Dial +1.617.761.6200
At the "enter your passcode followed by the pound key" message,
enter 9326#.
Note: When you join the telecon please state your name

Simultaneous IRC Chat
irc:irc.w3.org (port 6665)

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe: Lynn Thompson (to be confirmed)

ACTION Jim Hendler to check Lynn Thompson is scribe for next week

1) ADMIN (15 min)

1.1 Roll call

Regrets: Hellman
See list archive for regrets within last 24 hours before telecon.

1.2 Minutes previous telecon

Minutes of the Oct 31 telcon:

The following needs to be clarified:
"RESOLVED (to postpone?) issue 4.4 by consensus as amended ("extra-logical
features other than versioning and imports")"

1.3 Agenda amendments

1.4 Telecon schedule

- next telecon: Nov 14 per regular schedule
- scribe solicited for Oct 31

1.5 Upcoming ftf meetings

ACTION: Massimo Marchiori will put up Registration page

ACTION: Guus to collect info about remote access arrangements
for next f2f

2) First WD Semantics document (30-40 min)

ACTION: Peter will produce an outline with pointers.

Latest version:

Peter's message on the stance the semantics doc takes on open issues:

ACTION Jeremy Carroll to write up proposal for "reduced semantics in
OWL Lite"

To be discussed:
- status, comments, plans
- resolution to release as WD

3) ISSUES (20-30 min)

See the issue list:

The list below includes Jim's description of the status of the open
issue in his message of Oct 31:

Pending updates:

Issue 5.21 - drop disjointUnion: Resolved Oct 24 telecon
Issue 4.4 - extra-logical feature set: Postponed at Oct 31 telecon
Issue 5.7 Range restrictions ....: Postponed at Oct 31 telecon
New issue: hasValue in OWL Lite?
New issue: if or iff for property properties

** Issue 4.3 Structured datatypes

ACTION: Jonathan Borden to write up a proposal for issue 4.3

** Issue 4.6 - equivalentTo

Still open and to be discussed - depends in part on formalism issues
(note that we will still need to decide the issue of whether we
offer equivalentTo as well as the sameXXXAs constructions - as well
as whether equivalentTO is limited to same "type")

Proposal to close by Peter P-S

Some object, prefer a separate "sameAs" construct, e.g.:

** Issue 5.5 - List Syntax or Semantics

ACTION: Chairs Guus and Jim: discuss 5.5 List syntax or
semantics in RDF CORE, Semantic Web Coordination

Now that RDF Core has a list construct, the question of what it
looks like is resolved, but the issue of whether the semantics are
in RDF or OWL remains.  I assume this will be dealt with in the
formalism document

See Jeremy's message plus follow-up:

** Issue 5.6 - imports

This has been discussed, and we are working towards resolution.  I
believe we have consensus on the desired behavior, but are
struggling with how to write this up.

OPEN, discussion continues, may require vote.

** Issue 5.8 - datatypes

I believe we have consensus to use the RDF solution.  We need to
call this question.  If we do accept this, we need to decide if
cardinality constraints will be expressed as datatypes or as numerals

Pending - RDF is still not totally done w/datatypes - we cannot do much
until we know what is happening there.

** Issue 5.9 - malformed D+O restrictions

This is essentially subsumed by the semantic document - we need to
take an action to either withdraw this issue or to declare it closed
- PFPS is issue owner.

Peter P-S has sent a proposal to Close

** Issue 5.13 - internet media type for OWL

Dan C has provided background document and there has been
discussion.  Currently it appears that application/rdf+xml is
sufficient, and that creating an application/owl media type would
take extra work.  We need a proposal to close this issue.

We expect to request a new MIME type - Jonathan B. actioned to write
this up.  Still unresolved if we will leave this open or close, but
either way we will request feedback from public comments.

** 5.14 - Ontology versioning

Jeff proposed a solution, it engendered much discussion, but we've
not yet reached a concensus.  I believe there might be some
consensus to go with his Backward-compatible and extends, while
there is resistance to Deprecates.  Jeff proposed these as
extra-logical restrictions (i.e. operational rather than formal
semantics) minutes seem to reflect soem resistance on part of some
of WG to this. We need a proposal to move this issue forward.

No change in status

** Issue 5.17 - XML presentation syntax

Peter Patel-Schneider working on this as a document.  We should
CLOSE this issue with resolution to produce the document.

Review by Hori:

** Issue 5.18 - Unique names assumption

ACTION: Dan Connolly to write up the 'all different' proposal for
issue 5.18

Message of De Roo about test for 5.18:

We need a proposal to close this issue.  One possibility is to
accept that the differentThan construct is good enough.  Another is
POSTPONE this issue and to demote the requirement to an
objective. Alternatively, someone could propose a mechanism that the
formal document could endorse - needs action.
Deb McGuinness is issue owner.

** Issue 5.19 - Classes as Instances

ACTION: Guus, Frank: to move the issue forward, will write up 1-d
and 2-d views to make clearer to users.

We have resolved these are included in large owl.  Some discussion
of whether they are allowed in Owl Lite.  Majority reflected
willingness to leave out of OWL Lite, but some dissent.  Someone
needs to suggest a specific action, or we should Close this issue
with resolution that these are allowed in Large OWL (implying they
are not part of Lite).

The names OWL LITE, OWL DL and OWL FULL have been resolved to be the
names of our three langauge subsets.  Proposal not to include Classes
as Instances in LITE is likely, but not yet approved - see Guus'

** Issue "hasValuue in OWL Lite?"

** Issue: if or iff for property properties


ACTION: Jeremy to send out new form of rule, with version, etc.

ACTION: All editors: Every new draft, apply same rule: Web Ontology
Language (OWL) and then reference version (1.1.0).

** Guide document (Smith et al.)

ACTION: Mike Smith to forward revised ontologies to Jeremy.

ACTION Mike Smith: send Guide draft on Oct 31
DONE see archive

ACTION: Chris Welty to review

Revised version:

** Feature syniosis (McGuinness, van Harmelen)

ACTION: Guus and Frank to offer suggestions on how synopsis,
reference document should be updated about 3 languages and their

** OWK reference (Dean)

ACTION: Mike Dean will have new version by next telecon, Oct. 31.

** XML presentation syntax

See Issue 5.17

** UML presentation syntax (Schreiber, Wallace)

ACTION: Chairs to put off until next telecon, Oct. 31.

5) AOB (0-5 min)

A. Th. Schreiber, SWI, University of Amsterdam
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