Re: TEST: proposal for test case structure

Sorry Dan I had missed your message:

>> - use manifest file to list tests and their status
>(where is the RDF core manifest, btw? I don't recall seeing it.)

Files named Manifest.rdf

>> 1: Directories of directories of test cases.
>> I suggest the following:
>> is a directory.
>deep hierarchies are bad.

Why? personally I quite like them ...
(Genuine question, perhaps not very relevant)

but ...

> I'd rather just

> I'd rather just

OK, I'll go with these.

(I think I'll omit the F in Fxxx e.g.
for the feature InverseFunctionalProperty I will use a directory named

> where xxx refers to a section of the language description document.

I think it will be easier to navigate if xxx (usually) refers to some item
in the owl namespace.

DanC (on [in]consistency tests):
> I would need to see some examples of these to be
> convinced this is worth doing.

For all the test types I imagine lazy evaluation ... i.e. we might have a
sketch of our test types now, but we really only have a test type when we
have an instance of such a test type!

>> 5.2 Illegal document test.
>> An illegal document test consists of one document.
>> bad001.rdf
>or even
>	bad001.txt

Yes, but the only examples we have to date are good RDF, just improper use
of owl namespace (non-language features).

>> An issue that appears is that the current test case area is already
>> with files that do not adhere to these proposed conventions.
> - don't pay much attention to the files that don't conform to
>	our conventions.

Oh yes, that works.
Particularly if we generate index.html files (or whatever they are) which
expose only the "good" files. This also works for the N3 stuff etc.


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